Friday, December 22, 2006

a little hodgepodge

okay ... making this fast ...

- house is almost ready. floors and bathrom need done ... everything else all set.

- jammies are done. still have 5 more sewing projects to finish. only 3 of those have to be done tonight. (the other 2 have to be done by Christmas)

- our friends that are in ukraine adopting have been posting a lot this week. it's been really encouraging, exciting, and uplifting to read all of their updates and experiences. if you want to read all about life in ukraine, click on the 'trevor' link on the side of my blog. and go back on their blog till you hit around the 12th or so ... that's about when they left ohio.

- moms are coming. mine around 1. tyler's around ... when she gets here ... her drive is much longer than my mom's ...

- still have one piece of a gift for the family exchange tomorrow to finish up. i'll really try to do that before it's dark outside. (i wouldn't hold my breath it i were you ... i certainly am not going to.)

- i had probably the most restless, freaky, scary, uncool, and all out disturbingly haunting last night. i was only in bed last night for 5 hours ... and now i'm exhausted.

- work today till 1. then picking up miss sophie from school at 2:30.

- this whole not capitalizing and speaking in fragments doesn't really bother me today. huh ... must be because i'm so tired ...

- in case i forget or don't get online in the next couple of days ... merry christmas!

- must go shower now ... have to leave for work in an hour.

Monday, December 18, 2006

In Review

Okay ... quick post of my week in review. I need to be getting ready for work ... but oh well ...

Temp assignment is going well. I had a good day at work on Friday. I did a lot by myself ... and that was nice and peaceful. I'm looking forward to being able to work my whole shift without having to rely on someone to tell my what to do and how to do it.

House is all decorated. I know it has been for a while now. But now there's pretty packages under the tree. We still have a couple of things that need wrapped ... and we need to get on that so that the wrapping stuff can be cleaned up.

The office is almost all cleaned out and the closet emptied. We need to get some of our clothing out of there. I've been through almost all of my stuff ... but Tyler needs to get through his. Then the closet will be ready for Kayla to come next month. We need to get the furniture moved around and the bed put up for our moms this weekend.

I had dinner with a friend on Friday night. Thanks Becky. I had a really good time. I also thoroughly enjoyed the lights tour and mini Findlay history lesson.

Saturday night Tyler and I had dinner in Lima with Alex and Rachel. It was good. I think we needed a night out. Thanks for taking us guys! We hope you had as nice a time as we did. Then we were out till around 1 am running around shopping (groceries, and Donna's gift for the family exchange). Even after we split from Alex and Rachel, Tyler and I still had a really good time. It's amazing how much fun you can really have running around Wal-Mart in the middle of the night.

Progress on the Christmas jammies is slow but steady. I need to get through them by the time I leave Becky's tomorrow. that means that I have a whole set today and a whole set tomorrow. We'll see ... I'll keep my fingers crossed. I am pleased with how they're turning out though.

Okay ... I have to leave for work in 45 mins and I haven't eaten yet and am still sitting here in my jammies. I really should get motivated and moving .... huh? ...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


So I don't usually do this ... but it really hit me what it said ... so I'm going to pass it on.

This is quoted from a high school friend's xanga site:

"Please pray for my friend Jess. Both her parents passed in a car accident on December 11. She's 18."

So ... even though we don't know her or who she is ... she sure needs prayer right now. And for a long time to come ...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Carmel Apple Strudel Pancake Bunt Cake Squares

Sound good. And I wish I knew if they were or not. But I've never acctually eaten any ... or seen any for that matter ...

So Thursday night we didn't have our traditional Small Group. It was just myself and my husand and one other couple - the pastor and his wife. Now, here it would be good to say that thanks to many reasons, Terry and Caddie are more like friends and older role models than they are like our pastor and his wife. And for that I am regularly thankful. Anywhoo ... Thursday night they took us to dinner and a movie. And, for the first time in a long time, Small Group was acctually open and chatty and centered like I think it should be more often. So we went to see The Nativity Story. Pretty good movie. The directors did a good job painting the background and the oppression that the Jews felt under Roman rule. Some things weren't Biblically consistent (as in they were out of order ... or just plain in contradiction to Luke ...). But all in all ... a good movie. And a very enjoyable evening. Both Tyler and I were in despirate need of a "normal" activity. Now, so don't get me wrong here ... this time of not being able to go out to eat or pay to see movies or shows has been really good for us. We've both grown incredibly. But, for a while now, I've been so ready to be able to do those sorts of things again with eachother and with our friends. And so ... knowing that ... and being so uber wonderful and all ... God has given us those opportunities recently. We went to Fort Findlay's show thanks to my costume production for them. We went out to dinner and a movie thanks to our small group. And Friday night we had some much needed socialization too ...

We went down to Ada for Kappa Phi's Sing-A-Thon. Now, when I was in school I never really looked forward to this particular service project. My sisterhood did some other things that I liked much better. But, when I was in school ... no one wrote and preformed a rock opera. And Carmel Apple Strudel Pancake Bunt Cake Squares was indeed the title of one of the songs. It was fabulous. Thank you Seth and Quinn for sharing your crazy world and mad talents with the rest of us. It was amazing. Way better than I could have imagined. And I loved the fight scene. (Yes, that's right ... there were actors and scenes and costumes AND all new original music.) Tyler and I thought we'd go down for they're hour (7-8 pm) and then take off. But we hung around chatting till about 11:30. Not only did we get the chance to hang out with really super cool people that we just don't get to see anymore, but there were plenty of alumni like us, and even sweet new pledgies there. Tyler had a chance to hang out with a couple of the STE pledges. I know that was enjoyable for him ... and he's double bonus points on their interview sheets (b/c he's an alum and a national officer). I even got the chance to do a couple of KP pledgie interviews. (So in both STE and KP all of the pledges have to interview all of the brothers/sisters while they're still pledges. We, KP, won't let the pledge class through till all of the interview sheets are turned in. ... or at least that's how it used to be.) I too am bonus points ... ahh ... to be old ... (And AliP ... call me ... Maria's Tacos awaits us :P)

Okay ... I need to get ready for work ...

Oh yeah ... and Tyler has a job. He starts for Aflac on Tuesday.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

O-H. I-O. Go Gators!

... becuase that Florida win was bad for Michigan. And now ... Florida is number 2 in the coaches' poll. Oh yeah ... :)

In other news -

After much work around here yesterday, the house is Christmas-ed out for the season ... all but the tree is finished. Tyler and I will work on that after Journey tonight ... or at least that's the plan. The rest of our house looks really nice this year. I'm pleased.

We have NO clean dishes. Nor do we have any space in the dishwasher. It's definately time to run that ... yet another thing on the list for after Journey.

My sewinging machine is broken. Major bummer there ... the family Christmas presents for the year aren't done yet ... I NEED my machine back. But ... it's $60 for the tech to look at it ... and I don't know that we have that. Hmm ... have to find some way around that one.

Tyler's not feeling good. His throat hurts ... hmm ...

The Browns won today :) ... Woo-Hoo 4 games this season! :)

We have yet to set up the office for Kayla's stay in January. However, there's a large TV box in there (Gramma's Christmas present from her kids). We do however need to get on that in the next couple of weeks because ....

Tyler's mom will also be up here for Christmas. We're trying to talk her into coming up and leaving with my mom ... so she'd carpool up from Columbus on Friday and then back down on Monday. That would cut her drives in half ... and it's really long a boring to drive all the way from here to WV in a day. Hopefully our suggestion will stick. Anywhoo ... with the full house going on, we'll need the airbed AND the couch for the Christmas weekend.

Oh and finally, what is up with that dancing/jumping robot on the side of the football ins and outs on FOx? Seriously? ... That's like the most retarded thing ... EVER ... (okay, maybe not ever ... but it's up there ... )

Okay ... let's see if I can manage to be productive in the next 10 mins before we leave for Journey. Wish me luck ... I'll need it today.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

God's Mysterious Workings

Well ... I didn't get the job ... at least not immediately. The manager was super nice. She took over the Findlay store about 4 monts ago and, figuring she'd have to do some restaffing, just posted all of the positions in the store. She admits that she really needed to pull the ones off that weren't open ... but who appies to be a seamstress? ... right? ... So I am on the top of her list/pile. Which is good ... but not why I was sent there ... at least I don't think ...
She and her husband (an out-of-work youth pastor) moved here from Michigan when she took over the store. They can't find a church they like. They can't find any "quality young couples" (her words) to hang out with. Hmm ... I thought ... so I asked ... They're looking for something not super traditional, but not way out there either. Hmm ... we're growing a new community right now. She said that they've tried a couple of places, but they hate just being a face in a crowd. They want to be a part of a community ... they need people to live life with. (Cue the real reason why I'm here ...) So I tell her about Journey. She's kinda excited. I give her the website. She sends her husband to check it out ... hmm ... imagine that. Even she said that maybe it was a total God-thing that I came in ...
I thought about it afterwards ... but I'm thinking of going back and seeing if she and her husband would like to hang out and have dinner with Tyler and myself ...
I love getting to visibly see and be a part of God's plan. Thanks God. I needed that pick-me-up yesterday ... even if I was bummed that I didn't come home with a job ... I came home with something more ...

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I have an interview on Monday afternoon ... where I was talking about earlier (see 2 posts ago). Hopefully that'll pan out. The manager there seems really nice and sounds like she's about my age. She was definately glad to hear from me and really wanted to get me in soon. Now ... what to wear? ... I know ... It sounds like a chick-question. But here's the thing ... it's a kind of trendy shop. I'm not really trendy ... so do I try to wear something as trendy as I can? Or do I wear my suit like I would to any other interview? What about just slacks and a blouse? ... See, I just don't know ... hmm ...

Here's hoping you all had wonderful turkey days! I know we did - after our power came back on :P ...

Now the official countdown to Christmas can begin. Number of days left: too few! Don't count on me for your count down. ...

Alright ... back to work. I have a lot of projects that need to be finished by Tuesday. That ... and there's college football on tonight.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey and the Like ...

go eat some ...

Seriously ...

It's Thanksgiving ...

Have a happy day!

(and PLEASE be safe out there)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another Shot

Oh, let the world crash love can take it
Oh, let the world come crashing down
Oh, let the world crash love can take it
Love can take a little, love can give a little more
Ahh ... Skillet ... I am such a panhead ... what great lyrics.

So I applied for another job. This one is as a seamstress in the mall. I could totally do that. I was listing my available hours and came up with 43 ... yeah ... and that's all outside of the hours that I'm currently working. Sweetness. So they want to set up an interview. I'm supposed to call and speak with the manager. Calling on Friday ... well now ... that doesn't feel really intelligent. But I don't want to leave it forever either ... hmm ... maybe I'll try in the afternoon sometime during a probable lull. Hmm ...

Okay ... dinner was good. House still needs floors cleaned. Grammas pants are still in need of a hem. But the dishwasher is running ... that's a start.

Happy Day Before Turkey Day!

So ... craziness has taken over my life. I shall start with last Thursday.

I went to work as usual after school as "Nanny Rachel" (that's what the girl has chosen to call me ... so I just go with it ... ). And discovered that it was my last day. Sad. But the kids' dad wanted more time with them, so he was going to take them on the days that I had them. I was bummed. But they deserve to have time with their dad ... and he with them. So I was happy about that. Then Tyler got the "Thank you for your interest in our company" letter from American Family. So that was a bummer ... Thursday wasn't fabulous. However, we went to small group that night and lots of good came from it. I know it really helped Tyler. And that's a good thing.

Friday we took off around 3:30 for Columbus. We went down for The Game. Awesome atmosphere. We could have watched it with our church at home ... but there's nothing like Columbus on the day of The Game. Amazing. We took off for campus early on Saturday. ESPNs College Gameday was broadcasting from OSU, so we went to check it out. Wonderful. Way fun. Stupid Corso picked the "Other Team" to win though. He was boo-ed for a really long time. It's okay though ... he picked Texas and Iowa over OSU ... wrong about those ... wrong about this. Wonderful game. :)

Sunday we came home. I was supposed to work at the church on Sunday night ... but I definately got sick at like 5:30 ... like all over the bathroom/barely made it to the toilet sick. So even though it was super short notice and I felt awful about it, I knew I had no business babysitting. So I had to call and cancel. Then I called mom to find out if she'd been feeling okay. (We had the same thing for dinner the night before and again for lunch that day.) No ... she wasn't doing so hot either. That's like 3 times this year that we've gotten sick like that ... so perhaps we shouldn't eat the same thing out ... hmmm ...

Monday I had to work, but wanted to get some work done around the house and also on the vests for the community theatre. I did just that. I now have all of the vests finished. The house is mostly clean (I need to do the floors tonight and clean the bathroom up tomorrow morning). I just have to sew on 10 more buttons and all 8 of the vests will be finished. I can turn them and all of my receipts in on Sunday night. Woo-hoo! I feel kinda bad that it took me this long ... but I've only taken 6 weeks ... and I've had other things to do too ... and each one takes me about 5 hours to complete. That's a lot of work ... that's like 40 hours of work on top of everything else. Also on Monday a woman who I've done a lot of seamstress stuff for called and asked me to shorten some sleeves on a jacket for her to wear on Thanksgiving. I told her I would. She came by yesterday with the jacket. I maybe spent 15 minutes on it ... MAYBE ... She picked it up today. I told her $12 ... but she wrote her check for $24. SWEET! I would have charged her a rush fee, but I didn't tell her about it on the phone on Monday. So I kinda felt like I couldn't charge extra for that ... but it looks like she felt bad about it being last minute. Cool with me.

Yesterday I got my nanny job back. Something came up and the kids' dad can't take them like he wanted to ... so I'm back on. Yay!!!!! Today I spent the whole day practically with the girl. She wants to make like a bookbag thing and has had the pattern for quite some time. Today we went shopping for all of the supplies (fabric, etc) and spent a couple of hours and I taught her how to lay it out and pin and cut. We'll work out some day soon that we can spend sewing.

Okay ... I need to make something for dinner. Tyler and I are both getting hungry. I also need to get busy on the next sewing project on my list. Gramma asked me to hem some pants for her and I promised them to her by Thanksgiving. So I shall take them with us tomorrow when we go have Turkey Day with her.

Happy Turkey Day in t-minus 7 ish hours!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What I Have to Say

Here is what I have to say. I LOVE Gilmore Girls. Now, I know that it's just a t.v. show ... but I have a complaint here ... Lorelai and Christopher should NOT have gotten married in Paris. Period. Now ... that being said ... I have some other comments. How fabulous was all the stuff with Mrs. Kim, Lane, and Zach? Amazing! They're having twins ... he wants to name them "Marco" and "Polo" ... FABULOUS!!!!! (And I will stand firm on the fact that we will NEVER name our kids that ... no matter what Tyler says!) I love Gilmore Girls. At the end they previewed for the season ... there was definitely a scene between Christopher and Luke. They were walking towards each other looking for a fight. And I say "Heck Yeah!" Luke will kick Christopher's tooshie! By the way ... what's up with Marty pretending that he's never met Rory? Totally weird.

Okay ... so Tyler and I have made trips to Delaware for Gammy two days in a row now. I'm tired of going down there ... I know that we're helping her ... and Dad ... but grr ... Oh well ... As far as I can tell, we're not heading down there for a while now.

THE Big Game is Saturday. OSU is gonna kick tooshie. More on that later. Now time for a late night nackie.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Christmas Prep ... HELP!

So I've decided that I'm going to give my mom this lovely scarf that I've been crocheting for Christmas. Now, I learned how to crochet when I was much younger. My gramma used to knit and crochet and she taught me. However, I hadn't done it in so long that I'd forgotten how to. I went to a ladies craft night sort of thing at the church a while ago and there received a nice refresher course. Since then, I've made the scarf about as long as I'm going to ... and I've figured out what kind of tassels I'll be putting on it. (Not my choice to add tassles ... I'm not really into them ... but I know that my mom is.) However, the scarf remains attached to my crochet hook. Why, you ask? Because I did not receive a refresher in how to cast-off and finish the thing. I know ... you're thinking, "Why don't you just take it to you gramma and have her show you?" Not gonna happen. She doesn't like to explain ... she likes to just do for you ... and her arthritis is so bad that I know she hasn't knitted or crocheted in years. I don't want her to feel like she has to show me ... That, and I'm not 100% positive that she won't also be getting a nice handmade crocheted scarf for Christmas as well. So, anyone who reads this (and I have no idea if anyone really does) who can crochet ... would you please tell me how to finish off the scarf? Please. I really need to be moving on this ...
Thanks! :)
Have a wonderful day. And thank you for reading through my current rant on Christmas prep.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I Can Share

I learned in Kindergarten to share ... and that I did ... sorry I got you so sick hon! Poor Tyler's been laid up for the last several days ... :(

So Wednesday we had dinner with my Gammy (dad's mom) in Columbus. It was her 87th birthday. Wow ... she's really getting up there ... I'll see her again on Monday when I head down to Delaware for an appointment.

So here's the real reason I felt like posting ... I got a job! I'm a lunch monitor at a middle school in town. I work from 10:45-1:15 Monday - Friday. That still lets me do most of what I was before. I have to quit the one cleaning job ... but I wasn't a huge fan of her anyways. And I have to quit my morning Bible study. It's on Thursdays ... but again ... I wasn't really committed to it ...

The point is that I have a J-O-B!!!!!

Yay ... :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just when I finally feel like I've got it together again ...

I get sick.

So Tyler and I had to make a trip to Columbus this weekend. We left Friday afternoon - with the intention of returning to Findlay on Saturday afternoon, in plenty of time to go to Five02. Now, that didn't happen. Grr. Why didn't it happen? Because Friday night I got sick. So we stayed Saturday night and came home this afternoon. And that was a bit rough. I feel like I've been hit with a ton of bricks today ... and I've improved. Oh well ... at least all we intended to do in Columbus is finished. (We had our headlight changed - still under warrenty. We helped Mom grade papers - for like 12-14 hours worth of work. We stopped in Delaware and took care of some business with Gammy.)

Now it's off to laundry. I have to get through this tonight. I always forget why I don't let the laundry go for two weeks till I have to do it after it has been two weeks. :P Thank heavens for my wonderful husband who's helping me tonight. I don't deserve him sometimes. :)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween ... 3ish Hours Early

Here ... read ...

Think of a Jack'o'latern.

Going and picking out the right one...
Cleaning it off...

And think of all the work that goes into carving it.

Cutting off the top at the thickest part...
cleaning all the icky stuff out...
putting a pretty face or design on it...
all that time that goes into it...
then when you're done and its perfect by your standards...
you put candle/light in it and it just glows....

Now think of this another way.

God picks out a pumpkin, one that is perfect one that represent you...
He takes it home, and cleans it, makes it bright and smooth.
He then takes and cuts off our tops, taking away our egos and exposing our insides...
inside is our 'yuckyness'...he scoops out all the gross stuff, our unhappiness, our hurts, everything to make us clean inside as well as outside.
He takes his time to carve just the right thing, the right face into each and gives us a new face...
he then places his light into us, each of us to shed his light to the world, and illuminate the world...

(Thanks Courtney)

(P.S. Yes ... the retreat rocked my face off. Yes ... I will write about it very soon. Yes ... I'm still debreifing.)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Lessons from the Blogosphere

So I really needed to hear this today. Perhaps some of you will too ... (and thanks to Miss SarahCool for posting it on her blog today)

Do It Anyway
by Roy Lessin

Others may not notice your efforts or give you recognition for something you've done. The credit may even go to someone else.
Do it anyway, as unto Me,
for I am pleased by your service and will honor your obedience.

There may be times when a job you've done will be rejected. Something you have prepared may be canceled or delayed.
Do it anyway, as unto Me,
for I see all things and will bless the work of your hands.

You may do your very best, and yet fail. You may sacrifice time and money to help someone and receive no word of thanks.
Do it anyway, as unto Me,
for I am your reward and will repay you.

There may be times when you go out of your way to include others and later have them ignore you. You may be loyal on your job, and yet someone else is promoted ahead of you.
Do it anyway, as unto Me,
for I will not fail you or make you be ashamed.

You may forgive others, only to have them hurt you again. You may reach out in kindness, only to have someone use you.
Do it anyway, as unto Me,
for I know your heart and will comfort you.

You may speak the truth but be considered wrong by others. You may do something with good intentions and be completely misunderstood.
Do it anyway, as unto Me,
for I understand and will not disappoint you.

There may be times when keeping your word means giving up something you want to do. There may be times when commitment means sacrificing personal pleasure.
Do it anyway, as unto Me,
for I am your Friend, and will bless you with My Presence.

Finally Home ...

... till Thursday afternoon ...

So this weekend was cool. My mom and I went down to the Mingus Pumpkin festival in Cincy on Saturday. I thought I'd be in a meeting on Saturday (also in Cincy), so it was a real treat to get to spend some time with my mom. Emotionally, I really needed that. There were lots of good crafties there to look at. I don't think I've ever seen so many vendors at one festival. I also got a lot of good gift ideas as well as ideas of things I could make rather cheaply and then sell too. So the fall leaves were in full bloom this past weekend. And it was B-E-A-UTIFUL down there. The air was cool and crisp. The sun was shining. Wonderful day. And the best view of it all ... from the plane ride that mom and I took. It was far too short ... only about 10 mins. But we got a view of the whole area/county. It was sooooooooo much fun too! Just me and mom in the back seat of the little plane and the pilot in the front. He was nice too.

That's about it for highlights of the weekend. Not much can top the day at the festival. Mom and I had some good time on Sunday just being. Too often people forget how important it is to just be. Take some time today for yourself to do that ...

Okay ... laundry's calling ... It's really cold here today. I think it's about 60 degrees in our appartment. Last year we made it till Thanksgiving without the heat. But it seems colder this year. And as I look outside ... it's snowing ...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weekend Traveling ...

... really stinks when your weekly worship gathering is on Saturday nights. I haven't been home on a Saturday night since September. I miss it. It stinks. I won't be home again next weekend either. But that'll be for a super sweet reason.

So I'm leading a retreat for high school girls in Cincy next weekend. I'm kinda getting a little nervous about it. My talk prep/practice is going well. But ... there are still spots where it seems a bit ... umm ... schizophrenic ... yeah ... that's a good word for it. Also on the subject - I have NO clue how many people read this ... but I apparently need to see the movie Mean Girls before this coming weekend. I leave on Thursday afternoon. (Also on the Cincy front - I could use somewhere to sleep on Thursday night.)

Okay ... I'm tired. I'm headed to bed. Although, I forgot to pack my jammies and toothbrush when I left home yesterday morning. It's a good thing my husband has some extra clothing at my mom's house.

Happy Birthday Tyler! I love you. I'm glad you had a good day at Fall Gathering. I'll see you tomorrow night when you get back to Ohio. Travel safely please.

Friday, October 13, 2006


WOO Freaking HOO!!!!!!!!
(please excuse the language)


She's an official lawyer now!!!!!!!!

CONGRATS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

A-typical Kind of Girl

So I've never really fit into the "girl mold" ... and I've (almost) always been okay with that. I was reminded of this fact earlier today. (Yes, earlier. Tyler works at 7 ... I'm up then too.)

Iwo Jima. World War II. There's a new movie out - Flags of Our Fathers. Wow ... I want to see that ... so bad. I rarely say that. There are several movies that I'd like to see. But it's rare to think that I WANT to see something. I thought that when We Were Soldiers came out. I thought that when Black Hawk Down came out. I thought that when Saving Private Ryan came out.

And so I was reminded today that I'm really into war movies. And most "girls" aren't. And I'm good with that.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Apologies

I haven't been online much. I'm sorry about not updating.

So what's new? ... I've been doing a lot of thinking. Ryan's blog touches on some of it (today's writing - which is acctually Tuesday the 10th ... dunno what's up with the date being weird ...). I commented. But that's just the surface.

In the midst of all of this thinking, I've discovered that somewhere along the way (and just in the last couple of weeks) I've become an emotional wreck. Yesterday's emotional mess I just attributed to my exhaustion. (We were at the Apple Butter Festival in Salem, WV with Tyler's mom on Saturday. It's about 6 hours from here. Jet set weekends usually take it out of people.) However, today the mess remains. I slept well. I'm not feeling really great. But I'm not tired anymore. I've also lost a large chunk of my desire to socialize. I've ignored at least 5 phone calls today. Yesterday I didn't want to go somewhere. Don't get me wrong, I had a good time once I was there. I know I was helpful. I just didn't want to be there. I don't really want to work around here either. I look at the stuff that needs done and just feel overwhelmed. I've never been this intimidated by so little work. I keep trying to tell myself that I can do it all ... really it's just light cleaning ... but that doesn't seem to work ... grr ... Eventually I shall snap out of this mess in which I sit.

More things to think about ... I'm leading that retreat in 3 weeks. I'm super looking forward to it ... but I need to nail down the talk I'm supposed to give. I must say ... when Derek (It's his youth group ... I'm taking the girls for the weekend.) and I originally set the schedule, I thought the talks were like 15-20 mins ... NOPE ... I'm supposed to go for 40. That's intimidating for me. And so, because I'm short on material with which to fill that time, I'm extending an invitation to you all - my faithful readers. It's a He-Man/She-Ra retreat. I'm talking about how we must be enough in ourselves and in God. For only He can fill the void. Society, friends, boys, commercialism, etc. preach the need for things and that we can never really be enough. My title is "Enough Already!" ... so far ... I'm short. Thoughts on being a woman of God ... These are high school girls. The rest of the weekend they'll be hearing talks on sex and what's really going on in a guy's head. There's also going to be a dedication time for them ... Another note here - I'm giving my talk at like 8 am on Saturday morning. So I want to dive in ... but I don't want to loose anyone because it's too early ... Seriously - help me here ...

One yay moment before I go ... my shirt is a size smaller than I could wear last winter. It looks pretty good on me too ... :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gilmore Girls Party

Okay ... here's the skinny ... I love Gilmore Girls. I completely blame Caryn for this. Tyler blames me for getting him hooked. Regardless of blame ... the season premier is upon us.

Gilmore Girls' season premier is on the new CW on Tuesday, September 26th at 8 pm. So, to honor the 7th season, we're having a party! It will be Gilmore all the way (minus the martinis ... those are pricey and we're poor :P). We'll start at 8 with a showing of Partings (the season finale from season 6) and then follow with a commercial free showing of The Long Morrow (season 7 premier).

We're going adult only on this soiree. Gilmore Girls is hardly appropriate for kids ... and we're probably going to have "adult beverages" of some kind. (BYOAB ... and make it Gilmore appropriate :P) There will be plenty of coffee! :)

It's open to all ... just let us know if you're joining us for the festivities here. Some food will be provided, but more is always welcome (again, Gilmore is the theme). We'll get you directions if you don't know how to get here. :)

(A note here ... I'm feeling compelled to mention that we don't typically have or publicize parties with "adult beverages" ... but this is a special occaison ... and it goes with the theme.)

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Few Noteworthy Notes

just some randomness tonight ... some things are new ... some I meant to put in a misc. section at the end of my last one ...

First and foremost: something very very very exciting ... I am linked on someone's blog :) (and yes dear, you do count ... but I expect to be linked on your blog :P)

Second: We've had friends over twice this weekend (if you count Monday night, which we do ... football is on ... that counts for part of the weekend). It's been really nice to have people over. I enjoy entertaining, even just casually, and even just for friends who we've known for what seems like forever.

Third: Apparently, my seamstress work for friends is beginning to pay off. I had someone just call me out of the blue, apparently just from a referral, and she is coming over tomorrow morning. That's some income.

Fourth: I've had an offer to work as a babysitter for the church's Children's Director's youngest boy. Dave needs someone to watch Henry during the staff meetings and Sunday night stuff. It's like 3.5 hours/week. But again, it's income.

Fifth: My tooshie still hurts. It's getting better ... but still sore ...

Sixth: All laundry and ironing is finished! That makes me happy. I hate ironing.

Seventh: Tomorrow (Tuesday) is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arr ...

Eighth: I seem to have more notes than I originally thought ... sorry I'm so unexpectedly long tonight ...

and finally...

Nineth: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. (It's a grammatically valid sentence. Don't believe me? Here.)

Saturday, September 16, 2006


"... hallowed be Thy name."
That's kind of a loaded line if you ask me. Yet it was the topic of tonight's five02 gathering. So the meat of the talking? ... "hallowed". What's that mean to you? When posed that question I immediately went to "holy, pure, clean" ... those signs (as in sign language) are all very similar. As a matter of fact, they are the same motion and hand position, just different letters being formed with one hand. We played the song from the City On A Hill cd ... Jennifer Knapp, her version of the Lord's Prayer ... she repeats 'hallowed' between most lines of the prayer ... very fitting.

So Ryan made a statement that really got me thinking and hit home with a lot of what's been going on in my world recently. He said that we know God's will and action on earth and in others because we know what it looks and feels like in our own hearts. It's like we know God's fingerprints because we have them on us, so we can identify them on others and in situations. So when someone is unaware of God's fingerprints on himself, does that make him unable to feel and see God at work in something? Is there some sort of responsibility we have to him, as Christians and ones who see God's fingerprints all over the place, to show him that God is there? Are we to just pray? Is there something DOable? Is that our job? Is that God's job? Please, let me know what you think. I've been pondering this for a while now ... not sure how my answers are sitting with me ...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

yep ... still hurts ...

That's pretty much it ... It was really hard to sleep last night. My right hip (the one that I didn't hit on the way down) kept getting sore. I couldn't lay on my back or my left hip without seriously intense pain. I think I was able to sleep for about 3 hours ... most of that on my tummy ... which, frankly, is more suited to napping - not acctually sleeping ...

ah well ... I guess that's what I get for falling down the stairs ... :P

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Tooshie Hurts

So I was at an interview this afternoon (that didn't go so hot ... well ... at least I wouldn't want to work for the company ... no more on that) and, as I was leaving, my shoe got caught in my pants leg and so my foot didn't come down properly. The result? ... I fell down the stairs. Only about 5 steps ... but I'm sore. I'm okay - but the aches keep developping ... ahh well ... guess that's what comes from being a clumsy idiot. Dufus me sometimes ...

Now, a thought that I've been developping since I left the interview today - Why is it that people seem to hold these ridiculous views of Christians? ... See, where I was today is a place with a lot of truckers. The person interviewing me said something to the effect of, "I see you're all into religion and religious stuff. People around here swear and cuss. People around here aren't always calm and nice. So if that's going to be a problem for you and that religious stuff ..." What is that? ... Christians can't be around people who swear now? Does that not completely eliminate everything we were commissioned to do? How is it that, if we're not able to be around bad language, we're able to love on the people who need it the most? Okay, I lied. I've been toying with this since Five02 on Saturday.

The current discussion series is on the Our Father. Last week was the "Our Father" part of the prayer. Here's the thing ... "Our" means everyone. Not just the people in our circle. Not just the Christians. Not just the people who look like us. ... Everyone. The gang people, the bikers, the hate-mongers, the terrorists. ... Everyone. Yeah ... chew on that one for a while. That's been a hard pill for me to swallow - don't know that it's all the way down yet. It's easy to love on people who look, think, and act like you ... but not always simple with those who don't. However, that's not really what I was going to chat about ...

Okay ... chatting isn't my thing right now ... my tooshie hurts too much.

Please keep up your prayers for us. We can feel them.

Monday, September 11, 2006

and so it rained ...

So Tyler and I have been without work for a while now ... (I don't remember if this is all on my blog or not, so here's your recap.) He finished school in May. I was working from about the end of June till August 18th. Then the bill collectors caught up with that business ... suffice it to say - I was suddenly without work. Tyler and I have been trying and trying and trying to find work ... but God has not provided us with jobs yet ... even menial work seems to escape us. We have become accustomed to hearing the words "overqualified" and/or "underexperienced." It has really been frustrating on some levels - however not on all ...

You see - God has never abandoned us ... and we know that people are praying for us ... we can feel that. It has been one of the coolest experiences in my life to sit back and watch God provide. There was a stretch of time, 10 days to be exact, during which someone fed us a meal each day. For a week and a half we didn't have to come up with food for all of our meals. There was also an occaision where a friend gave us $50 and told us to go grocery shopping. It seemed like everything we needed was on sale that day. We got all of our "needs" and most of our "wants" for $47.95. And so we went ... living a blessed life ... and loving it. I'd like to say that I was able to just blindly trust that everything would be cared for ... but that was soooooooo hard for me. Through all of this, EVERY time we made money for work, we tithed on it. That was also hard for me sometimes. There were Sundays I thought, "we could be paying a bill with this" ... and yet we faithfully put the check into the offering plate ...

Just a couple of weeks ago I realized how far behind we were on some things ... We have credit card debt - because we need gas in our cars to get to interviews and because (for a while - until about 6 weeks ago) we'd been charging our groceries (then we pretty much stopped grocery shopping). Again, in my normal pattern, I began to worry and doubt that God would provide. Wednesday we were at friends' house and we were sharing our situation. I said that there were times I felt like praying for money to rain down from the sky. There were times I couldn't see any other way to solve our financial state. We took all of the money that we had (including several anniversary gift checks) and payed rent and 2 other very small bills that were due by the 5th of the month. We had $5 left - and I was sick at the fact that it was just one more week till more bills were due. The only income we knew about was $63 coming from my "Nanny Rachel" gig. This was Thursday.

Tyler and I spent Thursday running off and mailing resumes and cover letters for anything for which we thought we were remotely qualified. We also spent a good 3 and a half hours driving around town (and Carey) filling out applications. We didn't eat all day. (Later I learned that Tyler had some fake cheese-its while I was at work. We split a bag of popcorn when I got home at about 6pm.) I had to be at school to pick up Sophie at 2:30. I just made it. I did get paid and that was a relief, and a reminder that it wasn't enough to cover everything. I called my mom on my way home from work to ask her to help me with some sign language. (I was signing at church on Saturday - reflections on that in a later post this week.) I asked if I could call her later that evening (around 9) for reminders on the couple of signs I couldn't remember. I ended up not talking to her that night ... group went till about 10. It was nice. We had a meal (and boy were Tyler and I hungry!) and sat on the porch and chatted. The guys went inside around 8:30 for kickoff and the women sat outside ... well ... that's all in an earlier post ...

Friday, my mom called. I was worried becuase it was the middle of the day ... my mom's a teacher ... she doesn't call during the day ... she's busy. I answered the phone with something to the effect of, "It's the middle of the day. Are you okay? ... Is everything else okay?" She was fine. She called to see if we were free that night. She had some business to deal with in the area and wondered if she could sleep at our place. She's always welcome ... so she said she'd leave after school. Knowing my mom ... the "business" probably included a trip to Elder-Beerman for shoes, our local lighting store to oogle that chandelier she wants for her bedroom, a visit with her mom in Lima, taking us to dinner, and maybe to Wal-Mart for groceries. I mentioned something about it to Tyler and he agreed with me on her probable list ... So mom got to Findlay around 7 ... not bad for not leaving school till almost 5 ... We went to Olive Garden. Tyler and I were so thrilled. We saw that it was pasta bowl month and figured that we'd miss out completely on it this time around ... :) ... yummy ... (note here - sun-dried tomato parmesan sauce good ... spinach alfredo sauce not so much ...) At dinner we chatted and had a really good time (even though the kitchen was SUPER slow). Mom suddenly announced that we were on to the business portion of the evening. She offered to pay our bills for the rest of the month, fill our cupboards, fill our gas tanks, change our cars' oil, and do whatever else she could to help out - knowing how stressful and hard it is to not know when the next income is coming. Tyler and I were silent for a moment ... he spoke first saying that would be great and much appreciated. I turned to Tyler and asked him if this was as close as it was going to get to money raining down from the sky. After dinner we ran home to make a real grocery list (something other than "everything"). It took us 2 carts to get all of our groceries out to the car. Our cupboards and fridge are full. We have fresh fruit and veggies. We have bread, eggs, and milk again.

Saturday we went to brunch at Golden Corral. We took both of our cars and filled them with gas. (Which they both despirately needed.) We took Tyler's car for an oil change (mine is yet to come). Mom had to head home around 2 ... she had a ton yet to do at home last weekend. Aside from the help, it was good to see mom again. We see her a lot ... but for some reason, family is always a pick-me-up when I've been down.

Remember ... God always answers prayers. He NEVER abandons His people. Satan would like us to believe that God doesn't care, but Satan is a liar. And just for some recent proof ... Friday in a little appartmet in Findlay, Ohio, blessings (and a little money) rained down from the sky. It poured.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Girl Talk

Every Thursday (except for the 2nd of the month) Tyler and I go to our small group. We're in a group with all couples who are older than we are ... and we love it ... it's great ...

So last night we went over to the Bookmyer's house. Now, normally we start at 7 ... however last night both Bookmyer kids had soccer till 7, so we met at 7:30 - and we met with food ... Praise God! Tyler and I hadn't eaten yesterday (well ... he had some fake cheese-its and we had some popcorn ...) and we were starving! So we all sat on their front porch (us, the Bookmyers, and the Browns ... 2 couples were missing) and ate and chatted ... and it was really good. However - it was short. At 8:30 the guys all went in to watch the Steelers game. Kim, Karen, and I chilled out on the porch and chatted ...

I so needed that girl talk time. We covered soooooooo much ... and I really felt useful to them. Not that I don't feel useful ... but sometimes it doesn't hurt to get an extra dose. :) Karen has been concerned about her daughters and was looking for some reading material and music for her girls with a positive message. I recommended a bunch of stuff and even said that I'd go shopping with her sometime ... It was good.

*Other random updates here*
- We put out a ton of resumes and applications yesterday. I did get one call back already today. I have an interview on Tuesday morning ...
- Nanny Rachel is going well. I'm really enjoying it and I know it's helping them. I also know that I've hit it off with the kids.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Wanderers

(Warning ... as I was looking at my finished entry I realized how long this is ... so ... here's your warning ... it's really long ...)

Have you ever felt like you really don't have a home ... or that you'll never see your home or sleep in your own bed again? ... I have ... and even though, as I write this, I know - without a doubt - that I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight and that our wandering is almost over ...

Friday, Tyler and I spent most of our day not doing what we knew we needed to be doing to get ready to be gone all weekend. Oh well ... I did get the 45 cards finished and packaged for the order that I promised to deliver by Labor Day. Tyler did get some of his prep for Monday's locale done too ... What we did not get done was the packing, running the dishwasher, cleaning up the kitchen, changing the oil in the car, running a load of laundry, Tyler's haircut, picking up the appartment, and all of the prep for our Monday destination (more to come on that later).

Saturday, we got up late. We were shooting for getting up at 7 and being out of the house by 10. Unfortunately, we didn't get to bed till almost 2, so the 7 a.m. alarm didn't go over well ... we got up around 9. So, right off the bat - not gonna leave at 10. Fortunately, we decided that we were just going to set general goals and we weren't going to run around and make ourselves crazy all weekend trying to get somewhere. The only real deadline and time-table that wasn't our own wasn't till Monday anyways ... So, Tyler got himself ready and laid out his stuff to pack and took off to pick up somethings, clean out the car, and get the oil changed. Two of the three wasn't bad ... the line was uber long at the oil place. While he was doing that, I straightened up the apartment, cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, did a load of laundry, packed for the two of us, and got myself ready to go. So, we left a little bit before noon. That's not so bad ... we were impressed with how much we were able to accomplish in just about 3 hours. At about 2, we got to Gammy's house (my dad's mom). We sat and talked with her for a while. She sent us to the store for some milk, oj, and bread. The Buckeyes were about to kick off when we got back from the store. We stayed and watched the first 3 possessions ... already up 21 ... So, around 4 we headed for my dad's house. I called when we were on our way because he had told us he was getting off of work around 2 and we had originally thought that we'd be able to be there about the same time ... alas - not so much ... but, as usual, all works for good and dad hadn't gotten off work till around 4 anyways. So we got to dad's around 5 and proceeded to head out for dinner. We thought that we were going to get grilled food ... but we got better. Amish Der Dutchman buffet. Monday was my step-mom, Sylvia's, birthday, so dad decided to take everyone out to eat. The food was killer ... mmm ... Syl's youngest daughter, Jessica (who's my age), came too and brought my nieces with her. Amber is 6 and going to start 1st grade today and Kaylee is just a bit more than 1 and impossible to keep up with. (Might I say here that I miss seeing my nieces as often as I was able to when I lived closer ...) It was really great to see them all again. We hung out with Dad and Syl for a bit after dinner ... and were there much later than we had expected. We didn't leave till 11. So we finally hit my mom's house around 11:30 - and we still had a ton of work to do to prep for Monday. so it was about 1:30 when we headed to bed. Now, our bed at my mom's house is my bed from high school ... so it's a full. We're both tall and overweight - we have a queen at home ... it's always a squeeze at mom's ... So we fell asleep and set the alarm.

Which went off at 7 a.m. on Sunday. And we hit the ground running again ... We were cleaned up, packed, and out the door at 9. Destination? Tyler's family reunion - Dodoridge County Park, West Union, WV. Because of our school schedules, Tyler hasn't been able to attend regularly since high school. His mom and aunt did all of the work on it this year ... it turned out wonderfully! We pulled up to the shelter house just a bit after noon. The three hour drive went smoothly and felt quicker than expected. The food was good. The desserts were better. The time with family that we don't get to see as much as we'd like was best. :) We were there till 6 and helped finish the clean up. We headed back to Tyler's aunt's house to help her unload and put stuff away. She made us dinner and we talked and worked on the last of the prep for Monday. We went back to Donna's (Tyler's mom) home and stayed there. It was probably about 11 when we got there and we were up talking for quite a while ... it was probably 1:30 when we finally fell asleep.

Monday's alarm was at 7 a.m. again. But again, we were soooooooooo tired that we ignored it. And instead, we got up and ready around 9. Donna took us to breakfast (where we've never eaten so much food at once in our lives ... or at least it felt that way ... :P) and we sat with her and talked till about 11. We headed out for destination 5 for the weekend - Freshman Activities Fair, Ohio University, Athens, OH. So all day we had thought that the directions said it would take us about 2 hours. We knew we had to be there around 1 ... so we thought we were good. I looked at the directions again - we were wrong - 2 hours 40 minutes ... grr ... So we headed off into uncharted territory and hoped that we'd still make it on time. Luckily, the directions were wrong as to the time we needed. It took us just about 2 hours to get there, find the spot, and park. We set up our table and waited on Westy. The thing went well ... we got 16 names and made some other contacts (who are on campus, like the KP president) to try and help the fraternity re-start the chapter there. Tyler and I feel like all went well ... So we cleaned up the table and headed out at 6 p.m. Destination? Mom's house. We got to mom's around 7:30 ... took MUCH less time than we thought it might. As we pulled in, mom looked at me and said, "You look tired." My response, "Mom, we left our home in Findlay Saturday morning, since then we've put 540 miles on the car ... what do you expect?" So we had pizza, stayed up to watch the season finale of The Closer, and spent some time with my mom (since, although we stayed at her house on Saturday, she wasn't home). Mom went to bed around 10, I followed abuot 10:30 ... Tyler came up around 2:30. (One of these things is not like the other ... one of these things just doesn't belong ... :P) Again ... we set our alarm.

Which I don't know if it ever went off. I heard mom in the shower and got up around 7:45. I got to spend some time with her before she headed off for a dr's appt at 9. Tyler got up around 9:30. We're still at mom's ... it's just about 10 ... I wanted to be home by noon today ... eh - oh well ... I have to be at work at 2:30 today. I start my "Nanny Rachel" job today because the kids go back to school. I have to pick Sophie up at 2:30 ... my car REALLY needs cleaned out first ...

So that's been our weekend ... I know, it's nothing compared to our friends who moved states or continents recently ... but it sure was long and tiring for us ...

I really should get off of here and get ready to go ... we're almost home ...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Toilet ... of Doom

I hate our toilet. Normally I'm sure people don't talk about this subject ... but I'm about to ... so here's your warning - if you don't wanna know, stop reading ...

Allow me to set the scene , so it's 3:30 in the morning ... I have a need, in my middle-of-the-night-still-half-asleep state, to use the restroom. I proceed out of our bedroom door and down the hall to our bathroom. I finish my very brief, but necessary, business and proceed to flush. (Which was, apparently, my first mistake ... note to self - don't flush anymore ... okay - so I can't do that, but you get the point.) It doesn't flush properly the first time and demands a second flush. This in and of itself is not all that strange or out of character for our toilet, so I flush again. Now, saving you the details, let's just say that there's a certain way that our toilet prefers to be flushed ... and so that is just what I did. (Mistake number two.) Suddenly, I am whipped out of my middle-of-the-night-still-half-asleep state by the sound of water hitting our bathroom floor. (I hate this stinking toilet.) Now, I feel it important to mention here that Tyler hasn't slept recently and so this evening (about 4 hours ago) he took a sleeping pill that requires 8 hours of sleep. So, I stand in the bathroom, now in a more middle-of-the-night-angry-I-have-to-wake-up state, in my jammies, plunging the toilet ... and all because 15 mins ago, I woke up and needed to twinkle. Very quickly I become aware of the fact that my feet are cold and wet ... grr ... so I begin throwing things that are normally on the floor of our bathroom into the halway or tub (depending on if I can tell if they're already wet or not). After very few moments of plunging (thankfully, for everyone/thing involved), the toilet flushes (now the third time I've had to flush). Okay ... move into clean up. Monday is my laundry day. However, last afternoon/evening we went down to Lima to see my Gramma who was having computer/printer issues. We have a good deal going with her ... we're her tech support and she feeds us for coming down to help - last night it was Fat Jack's Pizza ... mmm ... Now, while that may all seem nice and good, but not really a part of the story - here's the tie in ... I didn't finish the laundry Monday. Thankfully, I still had the load of kitchen and bath towels, socks, and grody t-shirts (we were painting and working on a house last week ...) left. However, it was late when we got home from Lima, and I was tired. So, I had just left a load in the dryer and one in the washer (not the towels, etc. load) and gone to bed. So, at 3:45 this morning, I pulled the clothes out of the dryer, put the wash load into the dryer, turned it on, and reloaded the washer with the towels, etc. load (now a bit more towel laden from drying the bathroom floor and toilet) and turned it on. Time to wash the floor. Ahh ... I see that we're out of Swiffer Wet Jet juice ... and I think to myself - $100, there's not a new bottle on the shelf with the other cleaning stuff ... thank heavens I was wrong ... I'm already so close to screaming here that a turn for the worse at this point would not be pretty. Okay ... so three moppings later our bathroom floor is clean again. However, out of a bit of fear, I have yet to put everything back where it normally lives on our bathroom floor. The other part of it is that the stuff that normally sits on the floor was in the water just a few moments ago and I don't really feel like washing it all right now ...
And so here I sit, at 4:10 in the morning ... cleaner bathroom floor, laundry running, staring at a new load that has to be done (the rug in the bathroom must now be bathed this week), and having to use the restroom again - but now debating if it's worth the possible clean up that may follow ...
But Iron Chef is on, so I'm happy ... I miss the original, not that I don't love watching Good Eats at 11, but I still miss Iron Chef. Tonight's battle - pineapple ... mmm ...
And Tyler has slept through all of the events of the last hour ... good ... he needs the rest ...

(edit ... as I was reading my final copy that posted to my blog, I noticed that the time stamp isn't right ... I have fussed with the thing so much and can't get it right ... so, if you can tell me how to fix it, that'd be much appreciated ... okay ...back to Iron Chef ...)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

catch up

So Tyler and I have put in more work at Ryan and Andrea's new house. It looks soooooo good over there ... no thanks to us :P ...
Yesterday we went and primed trim, painted beadboard, sized walls for paper, hung kitchen cabinets, and (perhaps most importantly) had lunch. Today I went over for a couple of hours and cleaned. Their kitchen is ready to move in. So is their laundry room. (Well ... minus the fact that the floor is still the sub floor for the ceramic tiles that will go down eventually ...) Their office needs mopped. The floors and stairs were all swept. I felt bad that I didn't get more done, but I ran out of time and it was SUPER HOT over there ... I know it was a help, but I would have liked to have had more to show for my 2 hours there. They're planning on moving all of their stuff over tomorrow ... dunno if Tyler's planning on us going over for that or not. I know that we have a lunch date after church already though ... guess we'll see how long we're chatting with them ...
Last night we took some friends up on a dinner invite. It was super yummyful. We stayed WAY too late ... but the fun was much needed and was totally worth it. Tonight, some of our friends came over. This couple is just moving back to Ohio, so we don't get to see them much ... well now they're going to be just about an hour away (as opposed to the 4 that they were), so we should see them more often. It's been really good for me and for my spirits (I'm guessing it's the same for Tyler) to be around friends lately. Always a good time!
It's late and church is early, so I'm out of here ...
please continue to pray for us - we can feel your prayers holding us up :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Job Saga

So I had a job that I liked. I really had fun ... but there have been some fishy things going on lately ... I can't work for someone I don't trust. So I'm not there anymore. While I'd love to recount the situation and events of the last couple of weeks (for that would be far more interesting reading), I don't think it wise to do ... even if I removed all names and genders of people ...
We'll just say ...


okay ... on to more fun things ...

So recently, some of our friends bought a house. YAY for them! We've been helping them prep their new house ... we went over last weekend and painted a second coat in their office, on half of the dining room trim, and helped hang the beadboard in the dining room. It was good fun ... and good experience. So, after all that work, we went over to their current house (renting) and had dindin with them ... yummy ... grilled food ... summer feast ... mmmmmmmmm ....
Sunday, Andrea called me and asked me to take her place on the church trip to King's Island today with the middle schoolers. Now, I have job applications out and didn't want to be gone all day or unable to attend an interview because of this trip. So I made her a counter offer - she could go to King's Island and I'd go to their house and pack today. So, I'm going over to pack today ... :P ... Truth be told, I'd much rather pack then go to an amusement park. I'm just not a roller coaster person.
Also on tap for today: I MUST go to Curves. I haven't been enough yet this month and still need to get several trips in to hit my 12 for the month. I need to finish the laundry today (sheets and towels still left to do) and complete the ironing (which I started yesterday ...). The house NEEDS cleaned ... really cleaned ... not just picked up. Our small group Bible study is meeting here this week - so I have till Thursday afternoon to get that done. Gee, I sure have a lot yet to do ... Tyler said he might go over with me tonight and help for a bit, but I don't wanna end up counting on that - he has to drive to Dayton for training today and who knows how tired he'll be or even what time he'll get home tonight ...

Off to start (well ... continue) my day!

This time ...

two years ago, today, I was eating breakfast. yeah ... I know ... that doesn't seem like such a big deal ... I eat breakfast most days. However, this day two years ago breakfast was different. I stood in the kitchen at my mom's house with my mom, Deidra, Caryn, Amy, Laurie, Mandy, and Crystal ... rarely in my life have there been that many people in my mom's house at once, never have there been so many girls. So here's what was different ... this time, two years ago, I was eating my last breakfast as a Daniels woman ... for in just 7 short hours, Daniels wouldn't be my name anymore. I know it wasn't all that long ago ... but I still remember it like it was yesterday. (I hope in 50 years that it's still this clear.)

Happy Anniversary, my love! Here's to the first 2 and the next (at least) 50 to come!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

buh-bye MySpace

and so it goes ...

MySpace is not going to updated anymore ... just this blog ... I'm tired of the junk attached to MySpace.

If you'd care to catch up on what's been going on (minus the last couple of months) then check it out here.

I promise to update more later ... a lot has gone on in the last several weeks.