Monday, April 21, 2008

Money Money Money


As many of you out there in Blogger-land know, Tyler and I have been in a situation of, umm ... shall we say, "money difficulties" for quite a while now. We had enough money when we first got out of college and were married, but we didn't manage well for the first year. Then I lost my job and Tyler was still on a grad student stipend. Then he finished school and I still hadn't found a steady job. Then neither of us could find a steady job that paid decently ... Then I found a job and Tyler started working on commission ... Are you catching the pattern here?

Yesterday we went to the store. We shopped off of both our "wants" and our "needs" lists. We left the store with a full cart. We unloaded at home and put away our groceries into our now very full cupboards. And everything we purchased yesterday we paid for in CASH! And man did it feel good! There's even money left in the bank account. We haven't had this feeling in FOREVER!!!!

Tyler and I were talking about it last night as we put away our groceries. It feels really liberating to just pay for something. It feels fantastic to not have to use a credit card just to get rice, milk, and bread in the house. We have been saying for quite a while now that we can see the light at the end of this tunnel of financial struggles. Last night I could feel the warm glow coming closer.

And it was good.

I will take the blame

When it snows next week.

That's right. I spent time this weekend packing up all of our sweaters and turtlenecks and winter coats and putting them away in our under-bed-storage boxes.

And as I was doing so ... I caught myself thinking, "Great. Now that all of our winter clothes are clean and packed away all neatly, this means that it'll snow next week."

Have I lived in Ohio too long? Because I'm pretty sure that this is a thought that many of us who live in this climate have pretty regularly.

Did anyone else pack up their winter things this weekend? Will anyone else be to blame but me?