Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So Mom came up last week. She was here Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I must admit that the visit was nice. We all went to a Sedar meal on Thursday night. I miss regularly attending. It was nice. Friday, Mom wanted to buy some new pants for school. So we hauled up to Toledo to a mall. It was nice to spend the day with Mom and Tyler. She found some great pants and a couple of skirts to wear to school. She's still on the hunt for shoes though. I found a really flattering sun dress. The zipper was broken though. So we got it for a big discount. I have already changed the zipper out for a new one ... I just need to sew the hook and eye back on the top. I was hoping to wear it this coming weekend ... but we'll see. Maybe Friday night. Tyler got a couple of dress shirts and a new tie. All three of us found new spring jackets ... like nicer than a windbreaker ones. I really dig mine.

Thursday wasn't a fabulous day for me. My new job laid me off. Grr. Just until business picks up though. I think that the boss thinks that's going to be a lot sooner than I think it is. Oh well. I am still nannying after school. I do really enjoy that.

Tyler had a couple of really great productive meetings on Thursday. Things are really starting to move for him. That's so encouraging to see.

This coming weekend is Conclave. We went down to Ada last night for Brotherhood so that Tyler could answer any questions or concerns they might have. I was surprised that they had almost 2 hours worth of business that involved us being there ... and they kept going after we left. It was really good that we went though. I know Tyler feels that way. I know that it was good that he was there to field some of the questions and concerns that the brothers had.

So we're in Indy this weekend. We still don't know what time we'll get there. I know we were both hoping for sooner rather than later ... but it looks like he might have to go to some Aflac training thing in Delphos in the afternoon. We're both really looking forward to the weekend. We're having dinner with JT on Friday night. He and Tyler were in the same pledge class. He's the alumni delegate for E. It will be good. I'm sure there'll be plenty more changes for me to share after Conclave ...

In the meantime ... I have a TON of work to do and errands to run before Friday morning.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Heels and Hopes ... Both High

So I wear heels to work now. That's pretty different than the tennis shoes I wore to school to work, to clean to work, and to nanny to work. My feet hurt today. They don't want me to put them back in heels ... but yet ... heels I must.
Yep. You read that right. I have a professional job. I'm back to working bridals. There's a really well established business in Tiffin that just expanded to Findlay. They took over the old I DO! building out by Olive garden. The owner is super nice. I really enjoy working with her and for her. She did a wonderful job remodeling the space too. It looks like how I think a bridal shop should look too. There's only one downside that I've spotted ... For now, until she can justify hiring more people, it's just going to be the two of us working. She doesn't want to be left alone in the evenings. So for a while ... I'll be late to our evening activities. Bummer ... but Tyler and I talked about it. I don't want to give up the shot at a full-time job because I have no short-term flexibility with my schedule. I am so tired of having to split myself 2, 3, even 4 or 5 ways just to make not enough money to even make a dent in helping with the bills. Yesterday, I made more money than I do in a full week of nannying. I just don't want to loose that earning potential - especially while Tyler's still getting his feet under him.
So ... the long and short of it ... I'm happy about the job. I'm not thrilled about the hours - but I know that they're just short-term. So this is a good thing. Okay ... I have to leave for work in about 2 hours. I should get busy around here. I find that I'm just not motivated to do housework when I don't get home till 8:30. Imagine that. :P