Monday, July 30, 2007

Jobs ... (Take DONE!)

I start Monday morning.

40 hours a week. Monday - Friday. 8-5.

I am SO pumped.

I'm the newest Consultant Care Specialist for South Main Designs.


Okay. I'm exhausted and have one heck of a week to get everything done around here and ready for me to be gone full-time next week. Have a good night.

Jobs ... (Take Three)

Okay. I've been to 4 interviews and 1 second interview in the last week. I hope something comes through ...

If not - I do have an offer on the table from the place that second interviewed me. It's not anywhere near ideal, but it would be income.

I should know whatever it'll be by the end of the week.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


"It seems too easy to call you Savior,
Not close enough to call you God."

Line from Jars' song "Love Song for a Savior". Tyler and I were talking about it tonight. Is that the statement that best describes the American Church today? Everyone looking for and willing to have a Savior, but unable to make the commitment to having a God ... What's the difference in committing to a Savior and committing to a God?

Just things I've been pondering. Discuss amongst yourselves now. Share please ...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So Tyler and I were chatting about baby names earlier today. He suggested (as he says) "the completely Biblically based name" Gomer Dorcitha for our little girl. Yeah. That's his vote for the baby.

ahh well ...

I still have some time to talk him out of that ...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jobs ... (Take Two)

Well that went okay this morning. She said that she thinks I'd be great. She also said, with a tish of surprise, that I did "really well" on the grammar and editing test. Umm ... yeah ... I speak the English good and occasionally I can spell two. :P Yeah - I know - it's not everyone's forte ... but I've had so many grammar books and vocab classes in my life. I had at least three books for every English class I had all the way up through high school: grammar, vocab, and the "literature" book that went with that grade. 99% of the time I had novels too. Okay. That was a nice little tangent. Sorry about that. Thanks for sticking with me this far. Moving on.

So she thinks she'll be calling me back in the next couple of days to schedule a second round interview for sometime maybe next week. We'll see. I could work there.

Many thanks to Andrea for letting me borrow the necklace this morning. I'll bring it back to you tonight at Bible discussion. Thanks also for your compliment on my attire. :) I really attribute the wonderfulness of the look to the necklace. (PS I also agree that honesty is the best policy too. But we'll see how the situations present themselves tomorrow night.) Now ... umm ... can I borrow a different necklace for tomorrow? ... :D ... How can you ignore that cheesy grin? ... especially when I already know which one I'd like to borrow ... :D

Okay. So one down. Two to go. Here's still hoping that tomorrow night is fantastically rocktacular! (I like that word ... I think I'll keep it.)

Jobs ...

Okay. So I have a couple of busy days ahead. I have an interview today at 1, tomorrow at 10:30, and a meet-and-greet kind of party thing tomorrow night at 6. Hopefully I'll come out with something. (Secretly though I'm hoping the one tomorrow night goes the best:P)

Other jobs ... I have about 7 hours worth of sewing work for my mom. I'm making her new curtains for her family room and downstairs bathroom. I'm also recovering a pad for her window seat in her bedroom. I already did the pillows for that window seat. I think I'll also end up with her upstairs bathroom and bedroom curtains because I'd bet that she just won't get to them and then will be tired of not having them finished ... ahh well. I like doing the work for her - the only part that's weird is figuring out how much my time is worth. It's strange for me to charge family and friends for some things ...

I worked my tooshie off yesterday. I did 8 loads of laundry. Ironed everything. Put it all away. Cleaned the entire house. (Okay. So I need to vacuum today ... I was too tired to do it after FPU last night.) I was cleaning the bathroom yesterday and noticed that the baseboards in the bathroom were dirtier than I have ever let them get. So I started to look around and realized that I couldn't remember the last time I dusted the baseboards, corners, ceilings, and woodwork. Hmm ... let's just say that it had been awhile - a while too long. So I did that too. And the bathtub is all sparkley clean. It's a good day around here.

Okay. I need to vacuum before I get ready for the el interview today. Wish me luck over the next two days.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So Jenette posted a new trivia game on her blog. I tried today. Now, granted my head hurts and I can't really read all that well right now - but I am truly ashamed of how poorly I did. Grr. I really thought I knew my music trivia better. Also, I should know better than to accidentally skip a question. (That painful lesson I learned at ONU, when I skipped a question and therefore set my bubble answer sheet off by one. The B I got in that class because of that test cost me my honor cords ... but I'm not still bitter or anything. :P) Also, I need to stop second guessing myself.

Ahh well. Perhaps I will do better tomorrow.

Back to my oh-so-difficult decision of what to watch on tv - the 100 Best Songs of the 80s on VH1 or the Law and Order mini-marathon on TNT.

I think I'll flip back and forth. In the meantime - I need to lie down again, my head is starting to pound harder.

Job Fair

So I went to a job fair this morning. It was just a single company holding a fair to fill some positions within their various departments. Now, call me crazy ... but if I were running a large corporation and was holding a job fair, I think I would have more than FOUR job openings available. I must have seen 150 people there applying, and I wasn't there the whole time this morning. They're having another session of this fair tonight too. I'm not saying that I'm not holding out hope ... but with the way my luck has been lately, I wouldn't be surprised if there were four people for three jobs and I didn't get a job. (Tyler agrees with me on this one too :P).

Yesterday did hold some uplifting job news possibilities though. I found out from two different friends that both of their offices are hiring right now. They're both supposed to be checking on that for me today. Hopefully I'll get some good news back from them.

Okay ... I'm going to go lie back down. My head is pounding and I'm running a little fever. I guess I can forget about all that cleaning that I wanted to get done today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A bit of not much

I'm mad at my Pennsylvania Dutch. I REALLY am not happy with how the last book ended. I was so angry that I was crying as I read the end. However, I'm willing to look past that to find out how the series continues to unfold. (It's a 5 book series revolving around the same family. I've just finished the 2nd book.) I need to move on from there for a while.

So ...

I really enjoyed Bible discussion group tonight. (See other blog for a highlight.) I needed to laugh like that. On a similar note, it's really good to have the Clements family back from vacation. I really like them. (Hola guys. I know you read my blog. :)) It was nice to have their input back in the discussion. It was also nice to have their senses of humor back in the discussion. It's been a while since we've had the majority of our regulars at discussion ... and tonight we did. (Lori we missed you!) It was nice.

I guess that's all I have to say. A whole lot of nothing ... ahh well ... seems to be a running theme lately.

Monday, July 09, 2007

This is a story all about how ...

There is something strangely comforting about the fact that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is on at just about any hour of the day or night (mostly night ... Nick at Nite marathons ...)

And yet at the same time - it's strangely bothersome to me that it's on Nick at Nite. Wasn't that for old shows? ... Seriously. It was mostly black and white Donna Reeds and Dick Van Dyke shows when I was younger. Interesting ...

Ahh well ... off to bed ...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

huh ...

I guess it's been a while since I've posted.

I've been busy ... just nothing really blog-worthy I guess.

Funny thing about that - I always make a mental note that something was funny or fun or blog-worthy ... but I never remember to come home and type about it.

Laundry is about half done right now. I'm taking a break to run the dishwasher.

Tyler's reading and listening to the Indians game on the radio right now. He's been really busy getting ready for the next STE officer meeting (in just about 3 weeks). I've been helping him work on some stuff for that ... but nothing of note really. I'm still reading a lot. I've had to take a bit of a break from the 1950s Pennsylvania Dutch to read Sex God. It's okay. I like Rob Bell's writing style ... but for some reason the book doesn't really resonate with me. Maybe it'll be better when I'm further in ... I'm only about 1/3 of the way through right now.

I've been busy working on Chrysalis stuff too. I think I have too many jobs with Chrysalis. Don't get me wrong ... I like working for them ... I enjoy serving the community that way - I'm just ... I don't know. Perhaps it's this complacency that's bothering me and not really the colossal amount of work I need to do.

I need to get my hairs cut again. They're getting too long.


I believe that concludes today's rambling. Thank you for joining me for that ...

I do believe I'll go iron some more now.