Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jobs ... (Take Two)

Well that went okay this morning. She said that she thinks I'd be great. She also said, with a tish of surprise, that I did "really well" on the grammar and editing test. Umm ... yeah ... I speak the English good and occasionally I can spell two. :P Yeah - I know - it's not everyone's forte ... but I've had so many grammar books and vocab classes in my life. I had at least three books for every English class I had all the way up through high school: grammar, vocab, and the "literature" book that went with that grade. 99% of the time I had novels too. Okay. That was a nice little tangent. Sorry about that. Thanks for sticking with me this far. Moving on.

So she thinks she'll be calling me back in the next couple of days to schedule a second round interview for sometime maybe next week. We'll see. I could work there.

Many thanks to Andrea for letting me borrow the necklace this morning. I'll bring it back to you tonight at Bible discussion. Thanks also for your compliment on my attire. :) I really attribute the wonderfulness of the look to the necklace. (PS I also agree that honesty is the best policy too. But we'll see how the situations present themselves tomorrow night.) Now ... umm ... can I borrow a different necklace for tomorrow? ... :D ... How can you ignore that cheesy grin? ... especially when I already know which one I'd like to borrow ... :D

Okay. So one down. Two to go. Here's still hoping that tomorrow night is fantastically rocktacular! (I like that word ... I think I'll keep it.)

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