Monday, December 01, 2008

Also ...

... a note to my fellow doorbusters.

I acknowledge that it was an early morning. I was up too. Earlier than some, probably not than most ... the point I have is this ...

Even though it was early, I took a few precious moments to ready myself for the day. No. I didn't shower. One bathroom and 4 people does not afford all that much time for luxuries on early mornings with very tight deadlines. In my opinion, 5:40 was plenty early to be up that morning. However, I did take time to wash my face, brush my teeth and hair, and put on both makeup AND deodorant. I did so not only for myself, but also as a common courtesy to those with whom I would be in contact through out the day.

Please, if you were one of the many people with whom I had contact during that day but did not take time to do something as simple as apply deodorant before leaving your home that morning, consider doing so should you head out to doorbust Black Friday 2009. Thank you.

That is all.

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Becky Gomez said...

Hi! My name is Becky, I work for Half Price Books corporate office and I got word of your blog, I LOVE THIS STORY! I love that you were there on Friday! Could you email me? We'd like to tell others your story! bgomez @ halfpricebooks . com