Friday, February 22, 2008



It was the kind of day where I was way more amused by this than I probably should have been ...


Monday, February 18, 2008

Mish Mash

Well ... Georgia was good ... the weather was warm, Savannah was beautiful ... I loved getting the chance to meet all of the women. I will always treasure that opportunity. And Savannah is on the list of places to visit when I have time to sightsee.

I've been fighting a cold. It took me out last week and won on Wednesday. I ended up taking a sick day last week. I will not take another one this week. But my ears hurt. My nose/head is full ... I'm thinking that some sleep will help. I know it's early ... it's only 8:30 ... but I'm thinking about going to bed ... Tyler's already there ... he's tired today too ...

Speaking of Tyler ... Wow. I love my husband. He's a keeper. I love him for many reasons ... and once in a while he totally blows me away with what he can do while I'm at the office. I didn't do any laundry last week, I was gone and Tyler was sick. Then I was sick. There were a lot of dirty clothes ... then we went to Mom's over the weekend (total surprise there) and went shopping (as she usually does), so we had more clothing that needed washed. The laundry's done. I've only done a couple of the loads ... and it's done. The bathroom's clean too ... and I've got to be honest - I'm not proud of it ... but the tub was bad. I mean bad. Now it's not.

Wow ... I just realized that I don't have anything really to say. I'll stop now. Just one more thing ... I heart Law and Order. I also heart TNT on Monday holidays. 9 times out of 10, TNT runs Law and Order marathons. I'm watching one right now that I haven't seen before. That's a rarity. I learned something the other day - this current season is its 17th. I didn't realize it had been on that long. That's crazy.

And that's all folks ... bed ... I'm tired ... I think my writing here has reflected such ...

Early to bed ... early to rise ... must be up and moving tomorrow morning ... early appointment ...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Well ... I'm off to the land of peaches this weekend. South Main Designs is hitting the road and headed to Savannah, GA for a three-day Southern Women's Show. I'm really excited about getting there and meeting all of the women ... I can't wait to break that 100 mark!

What I'm not so excited about is that things are not as peachy-keen as I would have liked them to be before I left ... The laundry isn't quite finished. I'm not quite packed yet. The errands are quite all run. The house isn't quite picked/cleaned up. Tyler isn't quite healthy ... neither am I ...

Yes ... that's right folks ... there's a stomach bug going around and it moved into the Betts' House on Monday night. Tuesday at work I didn't feel so great ... but Tyler ... he's running a fever, he's hot, he's cold, he's in the bathroom, he's hungry, his head hurts, his body hurts ... well ... He started dealing last night with what I dealt with at work all day yesterday (and will continue to deal with as I travel this weekend) ...

And, adding insult to injury - the seal on our toilet is leaking onto the floor.

And so ... I shall leave all of this behind for now and move on to the land of peaches ... where I hope that all things are peachy-keen.