Tuesday, November 28, 2006

God's Mysterious Workings

Well ... I didn't get the job ... at least not immediately. The manager was super nice. She took over the Findlay store about 4 monts ago and, figuring she'd have to do some restaffing, just posted all of the positions in the store. She admits that she really needed to pull the ones off that weren't open ... but who appies to be a seamstress? ... right? ... So I am on the top of her list/pile. Which is good ... but not why I was sent there ... at least I don't think ...
She and her husband (an out-of-work youth pastor) moved here from Michigan when she took over the store. They can't find a church they like. They can't find any "quality young couples" (her words) to hang out with. Hmm ... I thought ... so I asked ... They're looking for something not super traditional, but not way out there either. Hmm ... we're growing a new community right now. She said that they've tried a couple of places, but they hate just being a face in a crowd. They want to be a part of a community ... they need people to live life with. (Cue the real reason why I'm here ...) So I tell her about Journey. She's kinda excited. I give her the website. She sends her husband to check it out ... hmm ... imagine that. Even she said that maybe it was a total God-thing that I came in ...
I thought about it afterwards ... but I'm thinking of going back and seeing if she and her husband would like to hang out and have dinner with Tyler and myself ...
I love getting to visibly see and be a part of God's plan. Thanks God. I needed that pick-me-up yesterday ... even if I was bummed that I didn't come home with a job ... I came home with something more ...

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I have an interview on Monday afternoon ... where I was talking about earlier (see 2 posts ago). Hopefully that'll pan out. The manager there seems really nice and sounds like she's about my age. She was definately glad to hear from me and really wanted to get me in soon. Now ... what to wear? ... I know ... It sounds like a chick-question. But here's the thing ... it's a kind of trendy shop. I'm not really trendy ... so do I try to wear something as trendy as I can? Or do I wear my suit like I would to any other interview? What about just slacks and a blouse? ... See, I just don't know ... hmm ...

Here's hoping you all had wonderful turkey days! I know we did - after our power came back on :P ...

Now the official countdown to Christmas can begin. Number of days left: too few! Don't count on me for your count down. ...

Alright ... back to work. I have a lot of projects that need to be finished by Tuesday. That ... and there's college football on tonight.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey and the Like ...

go eat some ...

Seriously ...

It's Thanksgiving ...

Have a happy day!

(and PLEASE be safe out there)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another Shot

Oh, let the world crash love can take it
Oh, let the world come crashing down
Oh, let the world crash love can take it
Love can take a little, love can give a little more
Ahh ... Skillet ... I am such a panhead ... what great lyrics.

So I applied for another job. This one is as a seamstress in the mall. I could totally do that. I was listing my available hours and came up with 43 ... yeah ... and that's all outside of the hours that I'm currently working. Sweetness. So they want to set up an interview. I'm supposed to call and speak with the manager. Calling on Friday ... well now ... that doesn't feel really intelligent. But I don't want to leave it forever either ... hmm ... maybe I'll try in the afternoon sometime during a probable lull. Hmm ...

Okay ... dinner was good. House still needs floors cleaned. Grammas pants are still in need of a hem. But the dishwasher is running ... that's a start.

Happy Day Before Turkey Day!

So ... craziness has taken over my life. I shall start with last Thursday.

I went to work as usual after school as "Nanny Rachel" (that's what the girl has chosen to call me ... so I just go with it ... ). And discovered that it was my last day. Sad. But the kids' dad wanted more time with them, so he was going to take them on the days that I had them. I was bummed. But they deserve to have time with their dad ... and he with them. So I was happy about that. Then Tyler got the "Thank you for your interest in our company" letter from American Family. So that was a bummer ... Thursday wasn't fabulous. However, we went to small group that night and lots of good came from it. I know it really helped Tyler. And that's a good thing.

Friday we took off around 3:30 for Columbus. We went down for The Game. Awesome atmosphere. We could have watched it with our church at home ... but there's nothing like Columbus on the day of The Game. Amazing. We took off for campus early on Saturday. ESPNs College Gameday was broadcasting from OSU, so we went to check it out. Wonderful. Way fun. Stupid Corso picked the "Other Team" to win though. He was boo-ed for a really long time. It's okay though ... he picked Texas and Iowa over OSU ... wrong about those ... wrong about this. Wonderful game. :)

Sunday we came home. I was supposed to work at the church on Sunday night ... but I definately got sick at like 5:30 ... like all over the bathroom/barely made it to the toilet sick. So even though it was super short notice and I felt awful about it, I knew I had no business babysitting. So I had to call and cancel. Then I called mom to find out if she'd been feeling okay. (We had the same thing for dinner the night before and again for lunch that day.) No ... she wasn't doing so hot either. That's like 3 times this year that we've gotten sick like that ... so perhaps we shouldn't eat the same thing out ... hmmm ...

Monday I had to work, but wanted to get some work done around the house and also on the vests for the community theatre. I did just that. I now have all of the vests finished. The house is mostly clean (I need to do the floors tonight and clean the bathroom up tomorrow morning). I just have to sew on 10 more buttons and all 8 of the vests will be finished. I can turn them and all of my receipts in on Sunday night. Woo-hoo! I feel kinda bad that it took me this long ... but I've only taken 6 weeks ... and I've had other things to do too ... and each one takes me about 5 hours to complete. That's a lot of work ... that's like 40 hours of work on top of everything else. Also on Monday a woman who I've done a lot of seamstress stuff for called and asked me to shorten some sleeves on a jacket for her to wear on Thanksgiving. I told her I would. She came by yesterday with the jacket. I maybe spent 15 minutes on it ... MAYBE ... She picked it up today. I told her $12 ... but she wrote her check for $24. SWEET! I would have charged her a rush fee, but I didn't tell her about it on the phone on Monday. So I kinda felt like I couldn't charge extra for that ... but it looks like she felt bad about it being last minute. Cool with me.

Yesterday I got my nanny job back. Something came up and the kids' dad can't take them like he wanted to ... so I'm back on. Yay!!!!! Today I spent the whole day practically with the girl. She wants to make like a bookbag thing and has had the pattern for quite some time. Today we went shopping for all of the supplies (fabric, etc) and spent a couple of hours and I taught her how to lay it out and pin and cut. We'll work out some day soon that we can spend sewing.

Okay ... I need to make something for dinner. Tyler and I are both getting hungry. I also need to get busy on the next sewing project on my list. Gramma asked me to hem some pants for her and I promised them to her by Thanksgiving. So I shall take them with us tomorrow when we go have Turkey Day with her.

Happy Turkey Day in t-minus 7 ish hours!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What I Have to Say

Here is what I have to say. I LOVE Gilmore Girls. Now, I know that it's just a t.v. show ... but I have a complaint here ... Lorelai and Christopher should NOT have gotten married in Paris. Period. Now ... that being said ... I have some other comments. How fabulous was all the stuff with Mrs. Kim, Lane, and Zach? Amazing! They're having twins ... he wants to name them "Marco" and "Polo" ... FABULOUS!!!!! (And I will stand firm on the fact that we will NEVER name our kids that ... no matter what Tyler says!) I love Gilmore Girls. At the end they previewed for the season ... there was definitely a scene between Christopher and Luke. They were walking towards each other looking for a fight. And I say "Heck Yeah!" Luke will kick Christopher's tooshie! By the way ... what's up with Marty pretending that he's never met Rory? Totally weird.

Okay ... so Tyler and I have made trips to Delaware for Gammy two days in a row now. I'm tired of going down there ... I know that we're helping her ... and Dad ... but grr ... Oh well ... As far as I can tell, we're not heading down there for a while now.

THE Big Game is Saturday. OSU is gonna kick tooshie. More on that later. Now time for a late night nackie.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Christmas Prep ... HELP!

So I've decided that I'm going to give my mom this lovely scarf that I've been crocheting for Christmas. Now, I learned how to crochet when I was much younger. My gramma used to knit and crochet and she taught me. However, I hadn't done it in so long that I'd forgotten how to. I went to a ladies craft night sort of thing at the church a while ago and there received a nice refresher course. Since then, I've made the scarf about as long as I'm going to ... and I've figured out what kind of tassels I'll be putting on it. (Not my choice to add tassles ... I'm not really into them ... but I know that my mom is.) However, the scarf remains attached to my crochet hook. Why, you ask? Because I did not receive a refresher in how to cast-off and finish the thing. I know ... you're thinking, "Why don't you just take it to you gramma and have her show you?" Not gonna happen. She doesn't like to explain ... she likes to just do for you ... and her arthritis is so bad that I know she hasn't knitted or crocheted in years. I don't want her to feel like she has to show me ... That, and I'm not 100% positive that she won't also be getting a nice handmade crocheted scarf for Christmas as well. So, anyone who reads this (and I have no idea if anyone really does) who can crochet ... would you please tell me how to finish off the scarf? Please. I really need to be moving on this ...
Thanks! :)
Have a wonderful day. And thank you for reading through my current rant on Christmas prep.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I Can Share

I learned in Kindergarten to share ... and that I did ... sorry I got you so sick hon! Poor Tyler's been laid up for the last several days ... :(

So Wednesday we had dinner with my Gammy (dad's mom) in Columbus. It was her 87th birthday. Wow ... she's really getting up there ... I'll see her again on Monday when I head down to Delaware for an appointment.

So here's the real reason I felt like posting ... I got a job! I'm a lunch monitor at a middle school in town. I work from 10:45-1:15 Monday - Friday. That still lets me do most of what I was before. I have to quit the one cleaning job ... but I wasn't a huge fan of her anyways. And I have to quit my morning Bible study. It's on Thursdays ... but again ... I wasn't really committed to it ...

The point is that I have a J-O-B!!!!!

Yay ... :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just when I finally feel like I've got it together again ...

I get sick.

So Tyler and I had to make a trip to Columbus this weekend. We left Friday afternoon - with the intention of returning to Findlay on Saturday afternoon, in plenty of time to go to Five02. Now, that didn't happen. Grr. Why didn't it happen? Because Friday night I got sick. So we stayed Saturday night and came home this afternoon. And that was a bit rough. I feel like I've been hit with a ton of bricks today ... and I've improved. Oh well ... at least all we intended to do in Columbus is finished. (We had our headlight changed - still under warrenty. We helped Mom grade papers - for like 12-14 hours worth of work. We stopped in Delaware and took care of some business with Gammy.)

Now it's off to laundry. I have to get through this tonight. I always forget why I don't let the laundry go for two weeks till I have to do it after it has been two weeks. :P Thank heavens for my wonderful husband who's helping me tonight. I don't deserve him sometimes. :)