Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I know.

I've been MIA lately.

I don't have much to report.

Umm ...

Go Bucks! Sorry to hear that Lloyd Carr is retiring - that was one guaranteed win for Tressel and the men in scarlet ... ahh well. Perhaps the next coach will be very much like Carr - unable to beat OSU. :)

I've been posting a lot of forwards lately. Sorry about that too. I'm going to do it again. I really got a kick out of this one ...

One last Michigan joke - and I don't mean their football team ...

A recent graduate of Ohio State moved to Dearborn , Michigan after accepting a great job. After becoming a citizen of Michigan she felt almost as if she betrayed her Ohioan background and ancestry. She had an apartment with a Michigan address and she winced whenever she looked at her Michigan driver's license. When she registered her vehicle she had an idea.

When her personalized license plate arrived for her car she beamed while she affixed them to her car. She was so proud she sent an instant message to her father right away. He was a proud Ohio State alumnus as well.

She typed, "Daddy I get my new personalized plates for my Mini today.

They are University of Michigan plates!"

"WHAT?" he replied, "You have to be joking"

"Nope, I'm totally serious. Let me send you the image."

Her father couldn't stop laughing after he viewed the picture of her car.

Yeah ... I laughed too ... it's okay ...

perhaps I'll make some time to post more later ...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SMD Update

So it's been about a week and a half since I posted. Sorry. I've been really busy.

Things are work are great. I have some new stuff that I'm working on and SMD is really buzzing.

Things with my personal SMD consulting business are cool too. Jenette signed on in my down line. (Yay! Welcome to the team ... I know - I'm late on this ... sorry) Her first party is this weekend and I'm going to head down to be there for it. I'm really looking forward to the coaching kind of stuff this coming weekend. I can't wait to be there to answer questions she may have and to watch her kick major butt! She's going to be awesome!

I hit all of my sales goals and earned my business kit! That means that I started my business for FREE!!!!! I'm way psyched. It's been a good week.

I have some other work that I need to do. I need to start lining up some other parties for the spring, then hopefully some of my soon-to-be-customers (from upcoming parties) will want to book parties of their own in the spring.

I'm thinking that's about it ...

On a completely different note before I go -
Poll question:
If you don't know what characters were a part of the Saved By The Bell summer special episodes where everyone worked at the beach club for the Corosis, are you really an original fan? Do you really love Saved By The Bell?

Monday, November 05, 2007

First Day

First day was good.

I really love my job.

I'm really tired though ... maybe more later ...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Job Offer

So I meant to put this up last night ... sorry for the delay ...

I was offered a job yesterday. I accepted.

Starts Monday.